Established in 1972, Dah Ken Industrial Co., Ltd. was initially set up to produce car and motorcycle parts. It wasn't until 1990 that the company decided to focus on the production of front suspension forks for bicycles. With almost twenty years of experience and technical expertise in manufacturing suspension systems under its belt, the company quickly established itself as a leader in the bicycle industry. The RST brand achieved low pricing and widespread use of shock absorbers in the global bicycle market, meaning shock absorbers were no longer restricted to the realm of highly priced bicycles.


SuZhou Top way precision Co., LTD. set up in China for China domestic market. Company receives ISO/TS-16949 certification in June.


RST Leisure Center established in Taipei for after-market service and marketing.


RST becomes a menber of Taiwan's elite A-Team of bicycle and parts suppliers.


RST Shen - Zhen factory set up in China for small quantity combined shipments.


RST North America warranty center established for taking care of after-sales service in US and Canada.


RST gains QS-9000 certification in March.


Renmei Technology Co., Ltd., another subsidiary in Taiwan, established for manufacturing magnesium products.


Hui zhou RST Ind. Co., Ltd. established in China. This subsidiary spans over 125,616 Sq.meters and produces suspension forks under the sub-brand


King Damper Industrial Co., Ltd, is established in Taiwan to aid in the production of RST disc brakes and suspen sion forks of city bicycles.


Company receives ISO-9002 certification as a quality-assured firm in Taiwan.


RST Europe is established in Holland to provide after-sales service in Europe.


RST USA is established to provide after-sales service in the US and Canada.


RST (Rapid Suspension Technology) logo created to establish global brand identity . The name RST becomes synonymous with quality .


Company dedicates itself to the research and design of bicycle suspension forks and resr shocks,after accumulating experience in this field for over 20 years.


Company founded to manufacture automobile steering wheels,motorcycle suspension forks,rear shocks and engine parts as well as assorted bicycle components.

RST around the globe

Positioned in key strategic locations around the world,RST's solid global operations network ensures that its products are well represented and serviced worldwide. Our global recognition has been achieved not only with successful research,production,marketing and after sales services offered by our subsidiaries,but also through cooperation with major component manufacturers around the world .Such strategic alliances have not only further improved the performance of all parties involved,but also provide an opportunity for the pooling of production technologies and for mutual advancement through the positioning of an international brand.

Company overview

Established :  January 1972
Main business areas : Design and manufacture of Suspension and disk brake systems for motorcycles and bicycles. Barbeque grill units.
President : C.S.Tsai

RST Europe Office
RST USA Warranty Service Center
Huizhou RST Ind.Co.,Ltd.