Coil Spring

Coil spring only, non-adjustable.


OCR Open-bath Compression Rebound Damping System

Fully adjustable hydraulic compression damping with lock-out, as well as externally adjustable rebound. This technology has been race proven and refined on the world circuit.

AIR Spring system

An air spring is used to achieve maximum performance as well as saving weight over using a steel coil spring. With air you can achieve an infinitely adjustable spring rate that feel much more natural and sensitive than a traditional fork.

OCR Platform

Low Speed Compression control with high speed compression shim stack.

Rebound Adjustment

A hydraulic adjustable cartridge that lets you externally set the forks rebound.

Tiny Remote Lockout

Smart Remote Lockout with complete new compact design,the shifter position could be adjusted in verical or horizontal by releasing the fixed bolt! No need to worry about any interference trouble.

Turn & Lock-out

A hydraulic cartridge damping system with compression adjustment to lockout function.

Mechanical Lock-out

Mechanical lock-out system (not hydraulic).

Remote Lock-out

This feature is available on any model featuring Compression/Lock-out adjustments. The remote has aluminum levers and a barrel adjuster on the cable to fine-tune your set up.


OCRC Platform

Low Speed Compression control with high speed compression shim stack.
neeele bearing

Needle Bearings

Our patented SquareBore® technology incorporates 32 needle bearings rather than alloy keyways, that other posts use, to prevent side to side rotation. This system virtually eliminates the chance that the post will ever develop side to side play.


Turn Pre-load

An adjustable top cap that lets a rider adjust the pre-load of the spring depending on rider weight and desired feel.

1.5" Crown available

Forks available with 1.5" crown, which available with 1.5" taper or 1.5" straight steerer.

Post Lighting System

Front lamp holder integrated into fork arch from post side by fixing two bolts. Still keep the clean look with fork arch and plastic protection cover also available to cover the open slot if without front lamp assembly.

15mm QR axle

Equipped with 15mm QR (Quick Release) axle.


Fork available with cable routing solution for hub dynamo cable.

Post disc brake mount

Forks with post disc brake mount.

Roller brake mount

Forks available with Roller brake anchor boss.

20 QR.png

20mm QR axie

Equipped with 20mm QR (Quick Release) axie.

IS disc brake mount

Fork with IS disc mount (International Standard).